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Re: VNI-2002 [message #68081] Thu, 17 October 2002 16:08
Drikus Roux
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I have no problem logging into the OMS. I can access the node (only one) and databases no probs. Preferred credentials work for Node, Listener and databases.

I can access everything through SQL+, although I use OMS to create and run job. The Win 2k machine is NOT a server, but is running Windows 2000 PE SP3 (I use this environment for web app development). Man, I know, I could be doing something very stupid. I have guided myself as much as possible by using Oracle Books, which elaborates on running the Intelligent agent and Jobs.

The NT user, which is used for the Node, has been given the appropriate access permissions on the Oracle Box, as described in Oracle Books.

The Agent Discovery Process works fine. I have verified the Roles & Users required by the agent (SELECT * FROM dba_roles;) on the database. I made sure that the catsnmp.sql script is valid and run against the database. TCP/IP fine, DNS and Computer Name, fine. SQLNet (Net8) fine. Agent started, fine. All instances on node connected.

Event Log
verified agent service
verified permissions agent/log & network/agent
snmp_ro & snmp_rw, services.ora are created on startup
OS user has access to: $ORACLE_HOME/network, $TEMP & $ORACLE_HOME/network/agent directory

I have (to rule out file operation error) dropped the Node, restarted the service and performed auto discovery

I think the sequence of events leading up to the job accessing the job q is of importance here. Disregard the XP machine from the equation, because I can run the job from the Oracle Box, which persists with the same condition.
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