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Ron Allen
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Under Windows NT you I was able to create a New User, etc as follows:
Creating a New Windows NT User Account To create a new Windows NT user account
on the Windows NT machine where the Intelligent Agent is installed and grant the
"log in as batch jobs" privilege to this user, perform the procedure below.
1. Select the User Manager from the Administrative Tools via the Windows NT
Start Menu. See the Windows NT documentation for information on the tools.
2. Select New User from the User menu and check for the following:
n The "User Must Change Password at the Next Logon" option box is not
n "SYSTEM" or "system" is not used for the user name.
3. Under the Policies menu of the User Manager NT utility, select the User Rights
4. Check the "Show Advanced User Rights" box.
5. Select "Logon as a batch job" from the list of privileges.
6. Give the selected user this privilege.

But under Windows 2000, I was unable to find
where you can add USER RIGHTS, and LOGON AS A BATCH
JOB, etc. How we create a New "Windows 2000" user account
for OEM???
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Johnny Whiplash
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This is a good question and I hope you find a reply. I know for some user rights such as logon as a service, this right is automatically assigned to the user if used under the logon properties of a service. I'm not sure about how some of the other user rights are assigned.
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first of all.I donot know...is that on server or professioal..
In windows NT2000 advanced server/SERVER...under admin tools,active directory you will see local user and computers. right click on users.then selectnew. create a user onit. Now you have to bring this user(you already created)to the specipic groups..under any groups(depands on their activities) also you can assign permissions to that user under...Local security policy/local policy/user rights assignment....
good luck

Again, I don't know which version you are using?(win2pro/win2server/win2adserver)
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Ashley Govender
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Fix: From the Windows 2000 desktop, perform the following steps: 1. Click on START => Programs => Administrative Tools => Local Security Policy (or also via START => Settings => Control Panel => Administrative Tools) 2. Under Local Policies on the left, select User Rights Assignment folder 3. Look at the right side of the window and scroll down to the "Logon as Batch Job" privilege and select it. 4. Either select Action from the menu bar then Security or right-click on the "Logon as a Batch Job" privilege then Security. 5. Select the Add button which evokes a Select Users/Groups box. 6. From the "Look In" field, select the local workstation/server. 7. Select the User that will be used as the EM OS (node) user. 8. Select Add then OK. 9. Verify that the "Local Policy Setting" checkbox has been checked. 10. Logon to the EM Console. 11. Click on System => Preferred Credentials. A. Set PREFERRED CREDENTIALS for the NODE called DEFAULT. This will set the logon credentials the same for all discovered nodes. or B. Set individual PREFERRED CREDENTIALS for each NODE. Option B must be used if the accounts and passwords are not unique across the servers. An operating system user with 'Logon as batch Job' privilege is required on Windows 2000 if jobs and events are to be submitted. In order to run jobs and schedule events against this Node or the services on this node, the user must be setup in the EM Console's Preferred Credentials for the node.
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